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I won't write the questions because...I...really suck at asking questions...BUT...I'll answer the questions our favorite Sora uke put down.

1) If you could choose between being able to fly or breath under water. What would you choose and why?

I'd want to fly. Breathing under water is pretty cool, but I think flying is just amazing. I think it would be the ultimate feeling of freedom.

2) Which place on the whole wide world would you define as your personal calm anchor? apartment lol. I don't really go too many places. My apartment is sorta my safety net. My place to be at away from everyone else and to be who I want to be while enjoying my life with my three favorite fur balls.

3) Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?


4) Reading a book or watching a movie?

That really depends on the book and/or movie in question to be honest.

5) Which country do you want to see someday?

Japan. Not only do most of my favorite games and shows, anime to be precise, come from there, but I've also always been intrigued by their culture and somewhat admire it.

6) With whom would you want to spend 1 day (doesn´t matter if the person isn´t even real, or is already death or something)

Hm...well since it can be some one that doesn't exist or no longer exists on this plain, then I'd say my two original characters Tsurai Sanada and Damian Michaels. It might be a bit arrogant to choose my OWN characters, but I can't help it. I think every person that makes a character or writes something would like to meet their creations some day.

7) You´re on vacation. Do you relax or are you totally in action?

Relax, but relaxing and being in action could be the same thing depending on what I'm doing.

8) Fruits or vegetables?

I've noticed I'm not real big on either one, but most likely fruits.

9) Ever hugged a tree or even danced in a forest?

Why yes...yes I have hugged a tree lol I hugged one recently actually

10) Favourite movie and why? ^.-

@__@ that's a really hard, I don't think I can even come up with an answer lol
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